Passport DVD is a completely new concept in trivia games, made in Norway for DVD players. Victor Engholmen, Inventive Media (, and Kristin Ekeberg have spearheaded a research team to design the technical and creative dimensions of the new game. In joining different fields of expertise for developing the concept from scratch, the challenges and rewards have been many for the people involved.

In British, North American and Australian markets, various kinds of DVD games have quickly become successful. This Christmas, Norway will follow suit when Passport is introduced as the country's first DVD game. Trivia games have a strong resonance in Norwegian culture, with trivia board games lately increasing in popularity.


A DVD game is an active, social trivia game played in front of the TV by two or more players. Aided by the DVD remote control, the players are given questions to answer.



Travel the world through trivia knowledge! Using the remote control, answer the questions and collect stamps in your passport from each of the five continents.

PASSPORT is a challenging and fun DVD game with more than 2,300 questions about all countries and cultures in the world. Players can join in a round-the-world trip and test their knowledge of geography, flags, history, culture, religion, language, nature, food and much more. The player who first collects stamps from all five continents by answering the appropriate questions correctly, wins the game. The game is full of educational questions accompanied by pictures, flags and maps.

PASSPORT is suitable for 2-6 players or teams, age 15 and up. A pad of passport sheets comes with the game and more sheets can be downloaded for free from when it's time for a refill. Look forward to fun and educational times with family and friends!


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